- Presence of Absence  -

  Click for Video: Remembrance of Hart Island: A Memorial Tour
  Independent Project  (2023)
  Building type: Exhibition


        This project is a memorial to the anonymous through the presence of absence. The visitor will experience the life of the anonymous dead buried on Hart Island and history that happened in the past. Grieving the dead is central to the human experience. Hart Island, as the biggest potter’s field for burying the anonymous, reveals the dark side of society and the people being forgotten.

        In this project, my aim was to create a space that immerses users in a carefully curated experience. Beyond the visual elements, it aims to engage people through the senses of touch and sound. The entire space is designed to invite interaction, encouraging both family members of the anonymous and casual tourists to actively participate in the unfolding narrative. Incorporating sound recordings that capture the voices of the anonymous or their relatives, old photos from the past period, and memorial boxes holding tangible remnants of the anonymous lives, the use of reflective materials in the space creates an infinite illusion of emptiness and loneliness. All these elements collectively provide both a sensory and intellectual connection to their existence.

      In essence, the project seeks to foster a meaningful engagement with the past, urging every visitor to not only witness but also actively partake in the stories woven into the fabric of anonymity on Hart Island.